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About BIMFlow

BIMFlow represents the bridge between expertise and affordability in the world of BIM. Our team of experienced BIM modelers Turkey, led by dedicated BIM specialists here in the Netherlands, is ready to take your projects to new heights. We work with software packages such as Sketchup, AutoCad, Revit, Solibri, Navisworks and more!

At a time when finding affordable and high-quality BIM services is a challenge, we strive to change the norm. At BIMFlow, we believe in the power of collaboration and international connection. Our presence in both the Netherlands and Turkey provides a unique opportunity to benefit from expertise without compromising on cost.

What sets BIMFlow apart goes beyond quality and affordability. It is our promise of transparency, reliability and continuous support throughout the project. 

Save on construction projects with BIMFlow. Affordable collaboration starts here!


BIM Modeling

Done with teams that can model, but do not comply with the prescribed BIM protocol, execution plan or IDM? Found a quality BIM team, but the costs are skyrocketing? BIMFlow combines affordable modeling in Revit with (3D) models that meet all requirements, both Dutch and international standards.

BIM Coordination

To meet all your requirements, we perform the BIM coordination ourselves. Our team facilitates seamless collaboration between all disciplines, but also ensures that conditions are correctly implemented. BIMFlow can do more than just clash detections. ITOs, specific rulesets, classification checks and IDM checks, among others, are also part of our services.

BIM Management

When you are sure that information is exchanged at the right time and in the right way, you maintain control over the BIM process. BIMFlow facilitates setting up protocols and working documents for a clear BIM process, with efficiency and understandability for every stakeholder, thanks to our background in Lean Six Sigma.

Scan to BIM

Pointclouds capture the smallest details of buildings, allowing werderstruction of construction and architecture even in the absence of documentation. Documenting a building's current condition and establishing spatial models from scans lays the foundation for effective decision-making. This in turn saves project time and costs. BIMFlow can set up these models in any level of detail (LOD).

Construction drawings

Whether it's permit drawings or production drawings, BIMFlow provides support at every stage of a construction project. From renders and animations during preliminary design to detailed working drawings with specifications in the execution phase. We understand better than anyone how important it is to translate the concept of an architect or work planner into a drawing that is understandable for a contractor on the construction site.


At BIMFlow, we embrace automation. With experience in tools such as Dynamo, we optimize processes and increase efficiency. Our expertise spans various aspects of the construction process, automating repetitive tasks and creating space for creativity and precision. Discover how our automated approach takes your projects to the next level and paves the way for innovation within BIM.


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